planning and deep thinking

Today was just an ordinary day off; I slept long, read newspaper, met friends and went to the library. I'm very interested in European history and all kind of cultures. Especially Russian's history and politics and also its' culture. So now I'm reading couple of books about its' history and I've found some good russian singers! (: I think that Russian is so beautiful language and I'd like to study it. Maybe someday I will, after my exchange year.. I just wonder why I didn't start to study it begining of upper secondary school..
In the future I want to study so many languages as possible! So far I've studied, well English and Swedish of course (they are obligatory in Finland) but in addition German and little bit French and Greek. I'd like to continue at least Greek and maybe French if I have time enough, and start to study Russian and Italian. Oh my! I never can stop studing if I want to speak all those languages fluently! :D And maybe I'd like to study some Spanish as well.. (: I've heard it's easy.
In the future I also want to travel a lo.. no, A LOT!! If i really manage to study, and speak of course, all or at least some of those languages, I really HAVE TO travel a lot, mucho, mycket, πολύ, viel, beaucoup! 
I've always said, I don't want to stay in Finland, I want to study and live abroad. One of my friend has found a greek man and now she has travelled quite much there. I'm so happy for her !(; I hope some day I find myself living abroad with a foreign men.. (: I appreciate Finland but I just can't help that I find it so boring. I bet many young people thinks this way about their home country but I just can not see myself living here my whole life. Haha, I'm sure after all this planning, In ten years I'll find myself in Finland.. :D But I've thought that life goes just how it's meant to go. Some kind of BIG power from above leads us to go right way in our life. It all has been planned before we were even born..
But now after all this deep thinking let's talk something not so deep. I've been thinking what I'm going to do after the upper secondary. I wish I get to a university, to study history or political science and surprise, surprise! move to abroad! :D When I was like in fifth or sixth grade, I remember how we had to read some book and write a short text about it, like a new blurb. Well I read the second Potter, the chamber of secrets and our teacher said that I'd be a great blurb writer. But I think it's not the first option. Maybe I figure out what I want to do in the future during my exchange year..(:

well that's enough for this day. Now I concentrate to watch Grey's Anatomy.. (: Tomorrow I'm going to see some friends and then I'll travel to the summer cottage to spend the midsummer.
And I STILL MISS those comments! (;

 From summer cottage

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  1. Wooooooo at first I must say that picture is awesome! :)
    It's so nice to read and follow your blog my dear friend, looking forward to your thoughts from CANADA! But anyway, well written and Wow, what kind of "light summer-readings" you have!

    1. hihihii thanks my dear friend (: I'm SO glad someone has written a comment :D
      I can not wait to leave and get to canada!(: I bet it's gonna be awesome! I've been in touch with my host family and they are so nice and welcoming!(:
      And about those books.. I just wonder if I get to the end.. :D