OH HEY summer! I didn't see you behind this cold weather.


HELLOOO! I have nothing new about my exchange year, but I just wanted to write about my day. Though it wasn't so special. BUT my school ended today and OH YES! SUMMER VACATION FINALLY STARTED! <3 I feel like this summer is gonna be SO, SO,SO GOOD, EXCELLENT, THE BEST! (; but still I miss warm days and the heat :( I had mother language's test today and I also got some exams back and I get good marks (:
I was just watching weather forecasts and it's not getting warmer till the next friday and it sucks ): where are you summer?! I miss you ): I've bought some nice summer clothes and now I can't wear those ): !
By the way, have you ever those feelings that someone is reading your mind? :D You're just thinking something and the thought just goes on and one. Suddenly you just wake up and think, what if someone can read your mind? And you have just thought something you wouldn't tell anyone.. I just had that feeling today :D
Tomorrow we're going to celebrate the beginning of the holiday with some friends and on monday I'm going to shopping with my very good friend Laura (: For the long time I finally can sleep long! I don't need to put an alarm and wake up at half past six. 
But now I need to go, I still have something to do for tomorrow (:
AND BTW! If you're reading this blog, please write a comment ! (:

I wouldn't mind about being there right now..
Cuba, Varadero

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